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At Reproductive Medicine Associates of Florida (RMA-FL), we understand the importance of becoming a family, because we are one. Our local team of highly trained professionals are ready to assist you with your individual journey to achieving parenthood. Infertility can be very frustrating and challenging, but seeking treatment with the right fertility center can make all the difference.

RMA-FL is pleased to be opening up our new office and IVF laboratory in Lake Mary, FL this fall. We’re no strangers to the world of infertility as part of the RMA network of infertility centers around the US. Since 1999, our flagship center, Reproductive Medicine Associates of New Jersey (RMANJ) has been at the forefront of research, innovation, and patient-focused fertility treatments having helped thousands of patients from around the US and around the world.

Advancements in science and technology allow us to have some of the best IVF delivery rates. Our Florida team will be led by George Patounakis, M.D., Ph.D., FACOG. He and the entire support staff remain focused on our most important goal: helping our infertility patients become parents from the Greater Orlando area and all across Florida.

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A Leader in Infertility Treatment

For most, the beginning phase of infertility research can be daunting. At Reproductive Medicine Associates of Florida (RMA-FL), we want to help you understand the various terms like egg donation, egg freezing, PGS, IUI, IVF, OI, AMH, and the many others you’re sure to encounter. We can help make exploring infertility treatment much less stressful.

Perhaps you’ve tried other treatments elsewhere and need a new solution, or maybe this is your first time investigating options for overcoming infertility. No matter what your unique case may be, we’re happy to help. The RMA Network has a proven record of successful treatments that eclipses the national average, and we believe we’re the perfect place for you to start your next step toward successful infertility treatment.


Female Infertility Treatment

For most of our female patients, age is the biggest obstacle, but female infertility can stem from various conditions and complications, such as ovulation disorders, polycystic ovary syndrome, premature ovarian failure, fibroids, or damaged fallopian tubes. All are possible roadblocks in the female reproductive system. Make an appointment at our Florida location to find the answers to your individual issues as soon as possible.



Male Infertility Treatment

Men experience various infertility issues including hormonal imbalances, low sperm counts, sperm abnormalities, and issues with the reproductive anatomy. We’ll analyze your lifestyle including your weight, stress levels, alcohol consumption, and various other factors to determine the cause of your infertility issue. Get the process started sooner rather than later by making an appointment at our Florida location.


Leading The Way


Reproductive Medicine Associates of Florida (RMA-FL) is dedicated to making our IVF procedures more safe, effective, and successful for our patients. Thanks to our comprehensive patient-focused care program and various breakthroughs in fertility treatment, we have one of the highest recognized IVF delivery rates in the United States and the world.


Some of these innovations such as extended embryo culture, SelectCCS, trophectoderm biopsy, and single embryo transfers are just a few examples of how RMA-FL is redefining the IVF experience for our patients.


Knowledge is Power


Infertility affects more than seven million men and women in the United States alone. According to research from the American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM), people over 35 who have been trying unsuccessfully to get pregnant or stay pregnant for six to twelve months need to speak to reproductive specialists.   Take the following quiz to determine whether or not reproductive treatment is right for you. If you answer “yes” to one or more of the questions in the quiz, it’s time to speak with the team at RMA-FL.

Delivering Global Fertility Care

Infertility knows no boundaries. Whether you’re from Manhattan, Orlando, San Francisco, or even Madrid, the dream of having a family sometimes needs a little help to be a reality.


We proudly announce the merger of IVI and RMANJ, two global experts leading the way in reproductive medicine research and care, to create IVI-RMA Global, the largest and most successful global fertility networks providing assisted reproduction and related services effective April 1, 2017


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