About Us

About RMA-FL

At Reproductive Medicine Associates of Florida (RMA-FL), we understand the importance of becoming a family. We also know the many challenges that infertility can bring to an individual or couple. Our local team of highly trained professionals are ready to assist you with your individual journey to achieving parenthood.

The RMA Network has been at the forefront of research, innovation, and patient-focused fertility treatments for almost two decades. Since 1999, Reproductive Medicine Associates of New Jersey (RMANJ) has helped thousands of patients from around the US and around the world and we are very proud of our newest office and IVF laboratory in Lake Mary, Florida.

As our locations and network partnerships have grown throughout the years, we continue to stay true to our primary goal: helping every one of our patients realize their dreams of becoming parents to healthy babies. Our patient-focused care philosophy incorporates the latest scientific research and breakthroughs and industry-leading expertise to provide all of our patients with the most positive experiences possible. Each patient receives an individualized treatment plan geared toward providing the best possible chances of starting their own family.

Our RMA-FL physician, nurses, and staff members know that there is no one answer to every infertility case, so our patients can expect an unparalleled personal degree of attention and care throughout their treatment at RMA-FL.

Meet the RMA-FL Team

Our dedicated physicians, nurses, and staff members all share a common goal of helping our patients become parents.

Laboratory & Research

RMA-FL’s cutting edge laboratories and extensive history of validated research are enormous contributing factors to the success we share with our patients. Our IVF success rates are remarkable compared to others in the country and around the world. For the last decade, our IVF success rates have beaten the national average in the United States.

Commitment to Others

We understand how difficult it can be to cope with infertility issues. Since 1999, we’ve launched several programs aimed at helping hopeful parents overcome their infertility problems.

Careers at RMA-FL

The RMA-FL team is always on the lookout for qualified, passionate individuals to join our ever-growing team of professional fertility specialists. If you want to play a role in helping families realize their dreams of parenthood and make a difference in their lives, check out our career opportunities regularly for new openings.


For all the latest developments in the world of fertility, come to RMA-FL. We’re a world-renowned leader in infertility care. See why for yourself.

Location & Hours

Reproductive Medicine Associates of Florida is conveniently located in Lake Mary, FL. We provide early morning hours for working patients on tight schedules.

Events Calendar

Our calendar includes all current and upcoming RMA-FL events for both patients and medical professionals. Our events include educational events, seminars, community events, webcasts, support groups, and more.


The RMA-FL newsletter will keep you up-to-date on the latest breakthroughs in infertility treatment, upcoming local events, and various other topics in the world of fertility.


Our blog posts offer tips to help you get pregnant and stay pregnant. Many of our posts cover infertility treatment options, financial options for treatment costs, and emotional support. Our team of reproductive endocrinologists, fertility specialists, and guest bloggers offer the latest tips and information to our readers.