Meet the RMA-FL Team

When you come to RMA-FL for your infertility treatment, your care team isn’t limited to just a physician. Our team of experts includes nurses, counselors, and liaisons who want to get to know you and help you reach your personal fertility goals. Our team cares deeply about our patients’ infertility treatment.

Our philosophy focuses on providing the highest quality patient care across the entire spectrum of our treatment options. We strive to continuously improve our processes and methods in keeping with the latest breakthroughs in assisted reproductive technology. Every member of the RMA-FL is trained to focus on being mindful of each patient’s unique physical and emotional needs while building families in the safest and most effective ways possible.


Our RMA physicians are known across the world for their enormous contributions to reproductive medicine, but they’re also keenly focused on the wellbeing of every one of our patients. Our doctors want to make your care feel more local and personal. Usually, we can schedule your first appointment in a matter of days.

Support Staff

As a team, we are committed to reproductive medicine and have demonstrated an ongoing dedication to enhancing patient well-being. We cannot overstate the importance and pivotal role that all of our staff members play in our continuum of patient care and satisfaction.


Our top IVF doctors have been committed to providing world-class infertility care since 1999, and the RMA mission has always been to help patients and couples that are struggling with infertility.