Support Staff

Meet our Support Staff

At Reproductive Medicine Associates of Florida (RMA-FL), we believe that every staff member plays an important role when it comes to providing a comprehensive fertility care experience.Our embryologists perform a variety of embryological medical procedures, including IVF and fertility analysis. They also help with counseling and advising our patients on fertility and ART procedures. They also collect, process, and preserve reproductive gametes from patients.Our nurses stay continuously informed about the latest breakthroughs in reproductive medicine so they can provide the best patient care possible. Their commitment to remaining at the forefront of fertility treatment is matched only by their passion for helping patients. Another important team member on our staff is our Physician Liaison, who is primarily responsible for developing relationships with physicians in order to facilitate beneficial referring practices for both health care companies and patients.

Patient-focused care is our primary goal and our team is ready to develop an individualized treatment plan with your unique needs and goals in mind.

If you have any questions about our fertility treatment services and doctors, please contact us today.