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AMH and FSH: How They Impact Your Fertility

If you’re trying to get pregnant with the help of a fertility doctor in Orlando, you’ve probably had some blood work done. This blood work, done on day three of a woman’s menstrual cycle, is necessary to check a woman’s hormone levels, specifically AMH and FSH, which can help doctors better understand her chances of […]

RMA of Florida gives you tips on how you can get through the holidays with infertility

3 ways to get through the holidays when you’re struggling with infertility

The holidays can be one of the toughest times of the year when you don’t feel complete. All that sparkle, cheer and celebrating somehow becomes a reminder about your infertility and struggle to conceive. To make matters worse, well-meaning family and friends are always asking that question: when are you going to get pregnant? Just […]

RMA-FL Celebrates it's 1 Year Anniversary

RMA-FL Dr. George Patounakis Celebrates 1 Year Anniversary with MAD LIBS

On Tuesday, December 11, Reproductive Medicine Associates of Florida (RMA-FL) celebrated its first anniversary providing fertility care to the Florida community. So how did RMA-FL founding physician Dr. George Patounakis mark the occasion? Well, there was cake, cookies, balloons, hugs and…a MAD LIBS questionnaire. Here’s what Dr. Patounakis had to say as the practice turned […]

Male Infertility

“Movember” – A great time to get educated about male infertility

It’s time to talk about male infertility. Although men often have difficulty expressing their feelings about infertility, the truth is that infertility affects men just as often as it does women. Additionally, talking about the diagnosis is an important part of the journey through care. So what better time to talk about male infertility than […]

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What to Expect at Your First Infertility Appointment in Florida

So you finally decided to make an appointment with a fertility doctor – but you have no clue what to expect. Not sure what to bring, how long it will take or what will happen? Here’s what you can expect at your first consultation with Dr. George Patounakis at Reproductive Medicine Associates of Florida in […]