New Patient Forms

New Patient Forms

Before your initial consultation at RMA-FL, you’ll need to provide your medical records that pertain to your care and various other documents. By providing these materials ahead of time, the RMA-FL team can prepare for your visit and make your time with us as effective and productive as possible. You can download all of the forms you will need directly from our website.

Please take your time reviewing the required paperwork. Complete and deliver the following forms at least one to two weeks before your first appointment.

Please note that some visitors may need to download Adobe Reader in order to complete all of our new patient forms. Download the free Adobe Reader at

A note for Mac users: Please DO NOT use the “Preview” application when completing these forms. Due to incompatibility issues, these forms will appear blank on other computers. Please ONLY use Adobe Reader.

Step One

Download Your New Patient Forms

Every patient who comes to RMA-FL for fertility care must complete and submit a medical intake form. This medical history will allow your physicians and care team to make the most accurate assessments possible concerning your fertility status, and this helps them devise the most effective treatment plans possible. Select the intake form that most appropriately describes you as a patient. Couples seeking services will need to complete patient intake forms for each partner.

Please review and complete the appropriate forms, then return them to our office one to two weeks prior to your first appointment. You may fax them to our office or drop them off in-person.