Why Choose RMA-FL?

Why Choose RMA-FL?


At Reproductive Medicine Associates of Florida (RMA-FL), our doctor, nurses, and staff members are all committed to help hopeful parents overcome infertility. While RMA-FL may seem new to the Florida area, the truth is that we have been helping thousands of patients overcome infertility for almost two decades under the RMA umbrella. RMANJ was founded back in 1999 and we understand the importance of becoming a family because we work together like a family. RMA-FL will continue to be at the forefront of successful infertility solutions by utilizing innovative reproductive medicine, technology, and delivering patient-centered focus care.


IVF Success Rates

We’re at the forefront of fertility treatment due to our commitment to excellence and innovation. This dedication is the reason why our IVF success rates have surpassed national averages for over a decade.

Single Embryo Transfer

Multiple embryo transfers entail several significant risks, and women can now avoid these hazards using new procedures and advancements in Single Embryo Transfer (SET).

Frozen Embryo Transfer

The Frozen Embryo Transfer (FET) process both increases implantation rates and supports healthy obstetrical outcomes, such as higher birth weights and a diminished risk of premature birth.

Select CCS

SelectCCS is a fantastic option to improve the overall safety and effectiveness of an IVF cycle. Find out what genetic screenings like SelectCCS can do for you.

Refund Programs

We want our patients to have peace of mind when it comes to financial concerns and the emotional and psychological stress that often accompany infertility treatments. We do offer programs that provide reassurance to our patients.


We’re very proud of our extensive track record of success. Hear what our former patients have to say about the care provided by RMA-FL.