Comprehending Costs


At RMA-FL, we believe in a comprehensive, patient-centered approach to your infertility treatment. While this certainly applies to our clinical, scientific, and patient service teams, we also provide financial counseling to help you understand all of the costs and insurance issues associated with your treatment. Infertility coverage tends to be a complex matter, so our professionals will help you navigate these issues and will provide basic guidelines of our financial processes. But, some patient plans will require special authorizations or referrals, so it’s best to verify the infertility benefits covered under your current plan.

There are a wide variety of infertility coverage and benefits that vary from provider to provider and plan to plan. Below, you’ll see a few of the key points we’ve collected about insurance coverage from most major plans that should help you understand the expectations of your coverage.

Consider asking the following questions of your insurance provider, and be sure to document every interaction you have with insurance representatives for future reference.

  • Does my current insurance plan cover diagnostic testing?
  • Does my plan cover imaging services related to ovarian stimulation for egg freezing or IVF procedures?
  • Is an IVF cycle covered? If so, how many cycles?
  • Is an IUI cycle covered? If so, how many cycles?
  • Does my plan cover fertility medications? If it does, find out if there is a total monetary allowance or any limitations on fertility medication products.
  • Does my plan place any limitations on benefits due to my age, prior cycles, or medical conditions?

It’s very wise to request a written explanation of your benefits during your conversation with your insurance representative. You can learn more about how infertility coverage varies from state to state by visiting

Navigating the cost concerns and insurance issues surrounding infertility treatment can feel overwhelming. You can speak with a RMA-FL financial counselor about your situation and for advice for optimizing your coverage. Call us today or fill out the form below to make an appointment.